Argan Oil Promoting Beauty and Womens Rights

Every year, we see a new “super” beauty product being advertised, especially those from natural products. Recently, argan oil has been called the new “miracle oil.” Although it is easy to scoff this claim off, the benefits of argan oil are too hard to ignore.

Argan oil is made from the nuts of the argan tree, which grows almost exclusively in Morocco, a country located in norther Africa. The oil is very high in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, which are essential in restoring the skin and helping in various skin conditions from psoriasis to wrinkles. It also contains phytosterols, which are good for scar tissue.

But what makes argan oil very intriguing is how this beauty product can be a tool to promote women’s rights. Apparently, only the indigenous Berber women responsible for harvesting the nuts and producing the oil; and they are doing so in fair trade working conditions. The women can work half days to tend to their families while receiving fair wages and good working conditions, all due to efforts made by different groups both in and outside Morocco.

Beauty experts recommend using pure argan oil instead of products containing argan oil to receive the full benefits. It feels lustrous and rich to the skin, but it gets absorbed quicker than other oils.

Argan oil, however, does not come cheap. It is even more expensive than olive oil, but not as much as many high-end moisturizers. You can find argan oil in retail stores or in websites such as

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